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There is nothing quite so tranquil as the sound of running water. Here at AWM, we've been installing and maintaining water features in Grand Rapids, Michigan for over 15 years. We are experts in backyard ponds, pondless waterfalls, fountains, and more.


When a waterfall has a pond attached to it, that's when things get exciting. Ponds big and small are massively important in creating an effective ecosystem where large plants and some animals can thrive. Each one of our ponds is crafted with careful intention to make sure that plants have places to root, fish have places to hide, and debris always has a clear path to the skimmer. This ensures that your water feature is not only clear and pristine but teaming with life that you can watch and interact within your own backyard.

Pond with Island. St.Louis, MI Pond with 25ft Waterfall. Grand Rapids, MI
Fall Goldfish Pond. Grand Rapids, MI 13ft Deep Limestone Koi Pond w/ Wetland Filter. Cascade, MI


It makes sense that most of our photos are of waterfalls, they are the bread and butter of AWM Water Features. Not only are they the item that we build the most, but they also happen to be the project that we most enjoy building! The artistry in creating a believable, natural looking waterfall with perfect sound is fascinating and each one of us here at AWM spends years watching Mike (the waterfall master) build these natural wonders in the hopes of honing our own craft.

Small Pond and Waterfall. East Grand Rapids, MI Waterfall on a Swimming Pond. Byron Center, MI
Waterfall out of Wetland Filter. Cascade, MI Pondless Waterfall. Grand Rapids, MI

Small Water Features

Love water features but don't think you have space? Think again! We can install water features of all shapes and sizes to liven up any space. If your priority is the sound of falling water consider having us install a fountain. Interested in keeping plants or even fish? We can build you a "Patio Pond" made out of a decorative bowl. The possibilities are truly endless. (We've even built small waterfalls indoors!)

Slate Bubbling Rock. Grand Rapids, MI Bronze Spillway Bowls. Grand Rapids, MI
Ceramic Bubbling Urn. Grand Rapids, MI Bubbling Fieldstone. Rockford, MI

Swimming Ponds

As one of the most exciting trends taking the water feature enthusiast community by storm, swimming ponds are every bit as amazing as they sound. Those who own traditional swimming pools know the pain of having to add expensive chemicals twice per week, only to miss a day and have the whole thing turn green. Why not forget about that and let nature do the work? Get a beautiful, natural swimming pond and put those days of maintenance behind you!

Swimming Pond Deck. Byron Center, MI Swimming Pond Waterfall. Byron Center, MI
Swimming Pond Intake Bay. Byron Center, MI Swimming Pond view of Beach and Cardinal Flowers. Byron Center, MI

Wetland Filters

When it comes to maintaining pristine water quality and a healthly ecosystem on a medium to large body of water, nothing does it better than a wetland filter. A wetland works just like a biological filter, but instead of creating a waterfall; it creates an area in your pond thick with naturally-filtering plants, as well as rocks and gravel, which provide a surface for bacterial colonization … nature’s perfect filters. So a wetland, while naturally beautiful and pleasing to the eye, is a great filtration method, and will help keep your water looking crystal clear.

Limestone Koi Pond Wetland Filter. Cascade, MI Swimming Pond Wetland Filter. Byron Center, MI Limestone Koi Pond Wetland Filter. Cascade, MI Limestone Koi Pond Wetland Filter. Cascade, MI Wetland Filter Addition onto Existing Pond. Zeeland, MI
Swimming Pond Wetland Filter. Byron Center, MI Swimming Pond Wetland Filter. Byron Center, MI Limestone Koi Pond Wetland Filter. Cascade, MI Limestone Koi Pond Wetland Filter Waterfall. Cascade, MI


Want to see more? Our YouTube channel is a great place to start! Click the image below to explore the AWM Water Features YouTube channel where we post vlogs, construction time lapses and other cool content!