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There is nothing quite so tranquil as the sound of running water. Here at AWM, we've been installing and maintaining water features in Grand Rapids, Michigan for over 15 years. We are experts in backyard ponds, pondless waterfalls, fountains, and more. If you decide to hire us to make the water feature of your dreams, here is the process that you can expect to see over the course of the project...


Planning each one of our water features begins with the initial consultation. During the consultation, we assess the site and speaks with the clients about there hopes for the water feature. Important questions are answered such as: How much sound would you like from the waterfall? It there road-noise to drown out? Do you want fish? If so, how many/how big? How much sun exposure does the build area get throughout the day? Would you like bird-bathing areas? How much maintenance are you willing to do? All of these details help us plan out a water feature that perfectly fits your landscape, your needs, and the needs of the ecosystem we hope to create for you.


Our unique style of building is what makes AWM stand apart. We start by excavating the site which involves digging out the pond or pondless reservoir and setting the shelves for the waterfall. We then begin setting rocks on the shelves and fitting them together like puzzle pieces. Our builders have spent years perfecting their abilities to place rocks in the most natural-looking and most stable positions possible. This gives your water feature the appearance of having been there for years and the structure and stability to remain that way for years to come. Lastly, we pour pea gravel into the cracks between every rock. This locks each rock firmly into its position making each one of our water features safe to walk on and even safe for children to play in. In the end what you get is an expertly built water feature capable of supporting its own ecosystem and remaining a beautiful focal point in your yard for years to come.


Even though all of our water features are designed to be as self-sustaining as possible, there are certain steps that have to be taken to maintain that natural beauty. This is different depending on which type of water feature you have. With pondless waterfalls and fountains, it's as simple as pulling debris out of the gravel bed and pumping out the basin once a year. With ponds, you want to empty the skimmer net usually once per week and rinse the mats when needed (it also helps to pluck leaves off of the bottom when you see them). Generally, for any water feature, you want to do a spring cleaning where you power-wash the rocks and pump any dirty water out. Luckily, if you don't want to have to worry about part of this or any of it we can do it for you. We offer different levels of maintenance packages from spring cleanings, where we drain and power-wash everything to give you a fresh start at the beginning of the year, to weekly or bi-weekly maintenance stops, where we stop by to perform water testing, clean the skimmer net, remove debris and add the necessary bacteria and algaecide treatments to keep your water feature looking perfect all season long. For pondless waterfalls, weekly beneficial bacteria treatments are especially important.


Mike Muyskens


With over 15 years of certified experience and a lifetime of interest in biology and natural systems Mike Muyskens is the foremost water feature specialist in West Michigan. On top of designing, quoting and overseeing projects Mike often finds himself shoulder to shoulder with everyone else on the team getting his hands dirty on the job-site. This means that each and every AWM Water Feature is done with care and creativity years in the making. During the initial planning phase of your project and for questions throughout the process Mike is your guy.

Paul Ply


With years of construction sales and retail management under his belt, Paul Ply knows efficiency. As the foreman at AWM, Paul insures that every project is done as efficiently and as affordably as possible for the customer. If you are curious about something or have a technical question during a project, there's a good chance you'll talk to Paul.

Eric Martin


Eric has joined the AWM team and brings 8 years of pond and lake management experience with him. Eric is primarily responsible for ensuring our customers' water features are healthy and looking great. He is an expert in pond chemistry and uses that knowledge to help pond owners establish aquatic ecosystems that make for low maintenance water features.

Rowan Bixler


Rowan began his love of water features watching Mike install a pond and waterfall at his parent house shortly before graduating high school. He then went on to join the team and build water features for 4 years while also putting his skills to use managing AWM's website and social media. Today, he still manages the website and social media while pursuing his career in IT and web development. You are likely to interact with him if you comment on our Facebook page or YouTube videos!


West Michigan Home and Garden Show


MARCH 5-8, 2020

Every spring we set up a pondless waterfall at our booth inside Devos Place in downtown Grand Rapids for the West Michigan Home and Garden Show. While exploring the show you can stop by our booth to talk to our highly experienced staff, pick up pamphlets detailing the designs of our water features, and take advantage of exlusive deals such as free consultations and Parade of Ponds tickets. For more information, click the button below to visit the official West Michigan Home and Garden Show website on ShowSpan.


Parade of Ponds



Parade of Ponds is our annual event where you can take a self-guided tour of a variety of our best ponds and waterfalls and speak to our highly experienced staff who can answer any questions you may have. The next Parade of Ponds is approaching fast on June 15th. Tickets cost $9.00 and the tour includes snacks and refreshments. Proceeds benefit the Pediatric Oncology Resource Team.

Let us know if you would like to be added to the list of those who will be first to know when we announce the next Parade of Ponds by either submitting a form on the Contact page or by getting in touch with us via:
Email: awmponds@gmail.com
Phone: 616.460.3966