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Certified Aquascape Contractor

Master Certified Aquascape Contractor

AWM Water Features has been a Certified Aquascape Contractor (CAC) for over 15 years and in 2017 we earned our Master CAC certification, the highest skill designation awarded by Aquascape. This means not only are we recognized as being the best of the best by our peers, but we've also gone through rigorous training in the best practices for building water features by the leader in the industry.

As Aquascape puts it, "Our pre-qualified certified contractors are the best pond builders in the business. We make sure of it. They’re experienced and expertly trained by us in designing and building beautiful ponds, waterfalls, fountains and more. And of course, they care as much about happy customers as we do." This means you can be confident that we use the best products, know the best techniques, and are uniquely qualified to build the water feature you've always wanted.


Water Feature Maintenance

Water Feature Maintenance

Already have a water feature? Want to keep it looking and operating at its best all season? Ask us about our weekly or bi-weekly maintenance deals! On every maintenance visit, you can expect us to remove debris from your pond or waterfall, clean the skimmer net and filter material (bottom gravel bed in the case of pondless waterfalls), and apply the necessary amounts of Aquascape Beneficial Bacteria and other necessary treatments. This consistent attention keeps your water feature healthy and helps reduce the effects of wild Michigan weather conditions on your water quality. Debris removal and filter cleaning also have the added benefit of potentially improving the longevity of your pumps.

Give us a call at 616.460.3966 or email awmponds@gmail.com to inquire about the price of maintenance on your water feature!


Creating an Ecosystem

While most landscaping serves only as an aesthetic feature of your property, the water features we build do so much more. Not only do we try to visually mimic nature to the best of our ability, but we also try to mimic the natural systems that make these magical features of nature possible in the first place. This starts with creating a functioning ecosystem complete with plants, beneficial bacteria and if possible even animals such as fish and frogs. By jump-starting the new ecosystem in this way, we ensure that the water stays clear and healthy and minimize the amount of maintenance that needs to be done to keep the feature pristine. As we like to say, let nature do the work for you.

Pondless Waterfall

Pondless Waterfalls

One of the most common projects that we're asked to build is our pondless waterfall, a decorative waterfall that disappears into the gravel at the bottom. This is often appealing to those who either have limited space to build a water feature or those who want all the appeal of a custom waterfall while minimizing the amount of maintenance needed to keep things pristine. Unlike ponds which generally require ample filtration and frequent emptying of the skimmer net, maintaining a pondless waterfall is often as simple as picking a couple leaves out of the gravel and adding beneficial bacteria once a week. Click below to see more pictures of our pondless waterfalls.




Interested in having a full-fledged ecosystem in your yard? Then have us build you a pond! Our ecosystem ponds are perfect for almost any setting and can be built to any size. With industry-leading Aquascape filtration, our beautiful custom waterfall work, and local native plants, our ponds are always big hits with guests, kids and most importantly: YOU the customer who gets to enjoy its sound and scenery all year around. Thanks to our technique of sandwiching the rubber liner between layers of tough underlayment fabric, our ponds not only look great but are safe for kids to play in, wildlife to drink from, and even pets to jump around on.


Small Water Feature

Small Water Features

Love water features but don't think you have space? Think again! We can install water features of all shapes and sizes to liven up any space. If your priority is the sound of falling water, consider having us install a fountain. Interested in keeping plants or even fish? We can build you a "Patio Pond" made out of a decorative bowl. The possibilities are truly endless. (We've even built small waterfalls indoors!)


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